About Us

The goal to bring AirHalo to all allergy sufferers began with the humility of compassionate individuals who continue to share the same vision and mission by putting people first before profit. 

The air quality around the US and the globe remains a challenge from Wildfires to Pollen, the need to breathe in Fresh Air wherever we go is of dire importance and that's where the story of AirHalo begins.  

After a dedicated and thorough research, and Yes, we purchased bulky and expensive air purifiers and those work fine, except you are always buying new filters and the noise from the air purifiers is a bit much at times. But the real problem with these purifiers is that they only suitable in one room. Given the expense, the noise and the lack of portability, we knew there had to be a better way. 

Enter, Air Halo! A portable, light weight and silent way to get clean air wherever you go. So now that You and I can breathe cleaner air...

Our mission is to help others feel safer and healthier by breathing air that's pure anytime and anywhere.

Our world is more polluted than ever with ultra-fine particles that have a serious negative impact on our overall health. Particles like pesticides, pollutants, chemicals, pollen, pet dander, harmful gases are things we breathe daily and have a significant systemic impact in our bodies. 

We must adapt to a world that, unfortunately, has become increasingly more toxic. If you are seeking to improve your health, we hope that Air Halo becomes a companion.  

To your health!

Signed with Love and Care

For questions: Reach out to our support team: support@theairhalo.com