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Our Story

     After experiencing many severe allergic attacks and respiratory illnesses among ourselves and family members we decided to search for a solution which lead us to our breakthrough innovation, the AirHalo

     Our mission is to help others feel safer and healthier by breathing air that's pure anywhere, anytime. 

     More and more, people all across the globe are being affected by airborne related health issues and many are unaware of the cause. Nowadays, our air is polluted more than ever with ultrafine particles that have a serious negative impact on our overall health. Particles like pesticides, pollutants, chemicals, pollen, pet dander, harmful gases and more are things we breathe daily and have a significant systemic impact throughout our bodies. Now is the time we must adapt to a world that, unfortunately, has become increasingly more toxic. We hope to our product can provide relief to the many of those who are actively seeking to better themselves and safeguard their health.