How does AirHalo work?

The AirHalo has 2 brushes on the top right and left side that emits 50 million electrically charged molecules or atoms called Anions- these are negatively charged ions which are emitted from the device and discharged into the air. They attach themselves to positively charged airborne particles in your surroundings which neutralizes any impurities.

What does AirHalo protect me from?

AirHalo acts as a shield that protects you from various airborne allergens, germs, and irritants like pollen, chemicals, pet dander, second-hand smoke, bacteria, formaldehyde, and many more.

Does AirHalo require a filter?

No. Due to its unique ionization process, the AirHalo does not need a filter.

How long does the battery last?

With just a one-hour charge the AirHalo can operate at its full potential for approximately 48 hours.

Is Ionized air safe to breathe?

The AirHalo purifies the air in a way that is completely harmless to you. Most ionizers are often confused with ozone generators which emit high levels of ozone that can be bad for health.

Does AirHalo make a lot of noise or vibrate?

No. The AirHalo is equipped with a high-functioning motor specifically designed to be quiet and efficient.

Does it produce ozone?

The purifier releases negative ions and then reacts with oxygen in the air to generate ozone, but the content is below 0.05ppm, which is an extremely small, virtually non-existent amount.