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The NEW Wearable Air Purifier 

$120 - Now Just $59.99!

50% discount ends soon!

Combats Allergies

Improves Mood

Reduce Smoke Smell

Removes Germs


Do You Find Yourself Feeling... 

Sneezy, stuffy, itchy, puffy, tired or run down?  It may be due to exposure from daily impurities in the air you are breathing. 

See it in action, the AirHaloTM works quickly to remove any airborne impurities.

In a world that is becoming increasingly more noxious and polluted, the AirHaloᵀᴹ allows you to take back control of your own health.

Protect Yourself From Getting Sick.

The AirHaloᵀᴹ removes 99.5% of airborne impurities and other ultrafine particles from your personal space, safeguarding your respiratory health.* 

Breathe Fresh Air Wherever You Go.

The Many Benefits of AirHaloᵀᴹ

Combats Allergies

Our portable air purifier necklace filters out over 99.5% of allergens in air, including mold, pollen, dust, dander, cigarette smoke, and unpleasant odors. Perfect for all who suffer from coughing, sneezing, runny and itchy nose, asthma, etc.* 

All-round Protection

The AirHaloᵀᴹ Wearable Air Purifier radiates most effectively at a 3.3 foot orbit of safer air in any direction, creating a halo of protection
around you.

Brighter Mood

Negative ions don't just clean the air they can also energize your body. Consistent use has been shown to have a positive effect on your health, mood, and energy.*

Long-lasting Use

It contains a long battery life and it's rechargeable. A quick 60-minute charge is enough for usage up to 48 hours of use, ensuring protection against airborne pollutants. 

Silent Operation

Using an advanced high performance motor, the sound is virtually silent during operation.

Fresh Air Anywhere

Whether you are traveling, at the gym, the office, or just out and about, you can wear it and enjoy the safe, clean air. The AirHalo is the perfect accessory to protect you during flu season.

Lightweight & Portable

Wear it around your neck all day without feeling tired. Our wearable air purifier is easy to carry around, creating a cleaner zone of fresh air while traveling, in public places or in poor air quality locations.

Cleans & Purifies Air

Three million high efficiency negative ions eliminate 99.95% of ultrafine pollutants. Scientifically proven to reduce smoke, cooking smells and even PM2.5 air pollutants. 


Don't just take our word for it! See what others have to say about the AirHaloTM

Testimonial disclaimers in the US are governed by the Federal Trade Commission’s. For details see the disclaimer in the footer of this page.

Pam B.

"I am allergic to peoples perfumes as well as other things. I tried it on an airplane too, to avoid gas fumes, and it did help. I am very familiar with ionizers ....I have two in my home, but I was still surprised that this little device worked like a charm. I don't feel as stuffy as I used to will keep wearing it."

Richard A.

"WOW!!! THIS THING IS THE BEST!!!! This thing is amazing and powerful. I have severe allergies and asthma and I mean severe. All I can say is WOW!!! I’m still in disbelief. OMG!!! My allergies have left and the mucus disappear. I’m breathing clearly and feel amazing. THIS AIR PURIFIER WORKS! ITS MY LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD! IT REALLY PROTECTS YOU FROM BREATHING IN THE IN THE BAD STUFF! WHICH WAS KEEPING ME SICK!... ASTHMA/ALLERGIES STUFFERS PLEASE TRY THIS!! ITS AWESOME!!!!!"

John L.

"Got mine in black and take it with me everywhere I go. I got it mostly for precautious reasons but after 3 weeks I noticed I feel more clear headed and my sinus headaches went away."

Frequently Asked Questions

The AirHalo acts as a shield that protects you from various airborne allergens, germs and irritants like pollen, chemicals, pet dander, second-hand smoke, bacteria, formaldehyde and many more.


*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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